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Scientific papers (217)



Other important objectives include the technological transfer of the scientific results to the productive sectors as well as the education and training of scientists, young researchers and engineers. Strategic sectors of our modern society where the activities of FUNCOAT find a direct impact are material processing, energy, environment, health care, agriculture, etc.


14/01/2012 NEW OUTCOME

Center of Advanced Surface Engineering develops a PVD coating for high temperature moulding tools.

The coating consisted of a Ti-Al-Si-N formulation by cathodic arc evaporation. It has been shown and understood that these coatings perform much better at high temperatures than at room temperature. (..+more)

10/03/2011 NEWS

Researchers of University Complutense of Madrid organize the conference FeAl-2011, about recent outcomes in iron-aluminium alloys.

The conference will be held in Lanzarote the 5th-7th of october 2011. Topics covered are: diffusion, mechanical properties, surface engineering, high temperature phenomena and industrial applications. (..+more)


14/01/2011 NEW OUTCOME

IMM co-develops a new family of optical nanodevices based on surface plasmons in FUNCOAT

The involved research groups fabricated “magneto-plasmonic” micro-interferometers with which it has been possible to demonstrate the magnetic modulation of the surface plasmons wave vector. The work is published in Nature Photonics


14/07/2010 NEWS & EVENTS

2nd General Assembly of FUNCOAT project

The second general assemby of the project FUNCOAT was held at the facilities of Asociación de la Industria Navarra (AIN) the 1st and 2nd of July 2010 (ESP).

16/02/2010 NEWS

New laser direct-printing technique

Universidad de Barcelona has developed a new femptosecond laser writing system LIFT. Laser direct-writing appears to be a very interesting tool for microfabrication, with applications ranging from the well established microelectronics industry to more emerging fields like lab-on-a-chip manufacturing. The best known additive laser-direct writing technique is possibly laser induced forward transfer (LIFT).





14/06/2009 PRESS RELEASE (ES)

AIN plantea nuevos recubrimientos y aplicaciones para sectores tecnológicos clave

La Asociación participa en "Consolider Fun-Coat", el proyecto "más ambicioso" en España en Ingeniería de Superficies. MORE